Better Deals for
Low Doc & Bad Credit

If you've struggled with bad credit, or you're
self-employed, we can help you get
the finance you need.

What Do You Need?

The banks won't lend to you? Don't worry, we specialise in difficult financial situations.

I’m Self Employed & Need a Loan

I’m Self Employed & Need a Loan

If you’re self-employed and have tried to get finance in the past, you know it isn’t easy. Banks and lenders have a hard time with an irregular paycheck. But never fear – we’ve helped many self-employed clients before, and we can help you!

I want to refinance

I Want to Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage makes a lot of sense if, A:) you want to get a better interest rate on your mortgage, or B:) if you’ve got other debts, such as credit cards or personal loans that you want to consolidate into 1 loan. LFG Loans can help you with both.

I need to consolidate my debts

I Need to Consolidate My Debts

Are you paying off a credit card or 2, a personal loan as well as a car? LFG Loans can help make life easier by consolidating everything into just 1 monthly repayment – reducing paperwork, hassle and even how much you have to pay.

I have bad credit & I want a loan

I Have Bad Credit & Want a Loan

Need a loan but have struggled with credit issues in the past? LFG Loans is here to help – our specialty is in helping people just like you. Whatever your credit history issues, we’ll work with you to get you the finance that you need.

What Makes Us Different

Credit Impaired Specialists

We don't just "do" finance for credit impaired and self-employed people - we specialise in it. When you deal with us, you're dealing with true experts in credit impaired finance.

We Look Past The Numbers

We know that you're more than just a credit score, and we work hard to understand why you may not have perfect credit, so we can make your case to our lenders and get the finance you need.

Experience & Knowledge

After 17 years in the credit impaired finance industry, there isn't a lot that we haven't seen. Even if you think your situation is impossible, come see us - you might be surprised.

Our Lenders Get it Too

Most lenders don't really care for the "why", they only care about "what". Our lenders are different - they understand that real life doesn't usually translate into a perfect credit score.

We're Local (And Small)

We're not a giant national bank or an online only loan aggregator - we're a small, local and personable company, born and bred in WA, and that's just how we like it.

We're "People People"

While it's true that we can organise your finance on the phone, we'd rather come and see you. We love helping people, and this comes through in our service - and our results.

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